A typical 360º x 180º panorama in flat form before insertion into an interface.

A typical 360º x 180º panorama in flat form before insertion into an interface.

What is 360º Degree Photography?

A panorama or 'sphere' is created using an aspect ration of 2:1 which displays a 360º x 180º field of view that incorporates both the zenith and the nadir (top and bottom). The panorama is then inserted into an interface that projects that image into a surrounding form around one view point. When connecting multiple panoramas through navigation links or a menu system you then create a virtual 'tour.' The use of a single panorama or the creation of a full virtual tour allows for one to experience any given space in an interactive 3D environment with or without 'VR' Glasses.

How is it done?

A high resolution digital SLR camera on a fish eye lens is used to capture multiple exposures at four quadrants on a panoramic head. The images are then combined and stitched to create a seamless panorama.

Why a virtual tour? 

A virtual tour puts a face to a name and provides instant access to your business from any where in the world, at any time. Virtual tours engage your audience and will retain the virtual explorers attention much longer than text and still images do, thus resulting in a higher conversion rate of sales and repeat visits to your website.

A 360º x 180º view negates the requirement for multiple still images and provides an in context and transparent overview of your location - further compounding your customers confidence in your business, brand and product. 

All projects work seamlessly across multiple platforms such as smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. Each project may be built with a 'VR' capability using stare technology to navigate multiple scenes.


 Projects are created for websites, Google+ pages, Facebook profiles and Virtual Reality stations. 

A marketing tool

The effective use of a virtual tour to showcase a business, property, space, event or tell a story is undeniable. The application for a 360º degree project is diverse and is deployed within sectors such as business, education, tourism, news, the arts and property sector. In many more cases a virtual tour is a prelude to an experience or a purchase, whether that's a property to buy, a business to visit, or an educational experience for example.

The hospitality sales team at Goodwood send a link within their emails to the virtual tours we created for the so that prospective clients better understand what they are buying.


Full post project support

High-end virtual tours are technical products. From capturing, stitching and processing images to physically building a bespoke tour from the ground up and hosting the finished article, it's a steep learning curve. Our knowledge and expertise delivers a positive, pain free experience for you or your web team via our post project support, particularly when contemplating hosting solutions.

We continue to learn, develop and enjoy the 'VR' journey as the sector continues grow.


So, you have decided you would like a 360º degree project created for your brand, what now and further questions?

Contact us to discuss your idea in more detail and receive some initial advice and answers to any further questions you may have. 

360º degree projects allow for the following features to be included; branded interface, logo, text, sound, web links, video, PDF's, floor plans, virtual reality capability and many more features.

Is it expensive? Projects are charged on a 'per panorama' basis that includes capture, project build and photoshop work where required. A quotation is offered based on the detail of the brief provided.

How long will it take to produce? Projects can be turned around in just a couple of days if required and usually within a week. It really depends on how much work is involved. The project for William Blake's Cottage took us many weeks to complete as it was a highly technical tour to produce.

Will my business be disrupted? Disruption is minimal to none and we are only on site to capture the images for a short period of time, most of the hard work is done in post-processing.

Is there a difference between other providers of 360º degree services? There is a huge difference.

360º degree images can be created from your smart phone and with one shot solutions such as Ricoh Theta but there is not currently any solution that comes close to matching the dynamic range (exposure in dark and bright areas) and resolution (how far you can zoom in) of an image created with a digital SLR.  Our background is photographic and these skills are incorporated into every project created.